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Here is background and details on our newest product releases.

Each Atlas Concorde USA product has different attributes, benefits, and features for customers to choose the right option for their needs. As new products are released, an overview presentation is created for our dealers to learn more about the design, the key selling points, and other information elements to help support overall success. 

If you have additional questions about any of our products or are looking for more information about products not available here, please feel free to contact us.

Marvel X

Marvel X is a range of marble-effect porcelain tile surfaces inspired by contemporary marbles, designed with close attention to every detail. Soft shading, graphic depth, and attention to detail create an extraordinary marble-effect porcelain tile to be experienced on a daily basis.

Learn About Marvel X
Marvel Gala

Inspired by five natural stones with an artistic beauty, Marvel Gala is a collection of exclusive surfaces. Intense colors, with a well-defined identity, that want to stand out without compromise.

Learn About Marvel Gala
Marvel Travertine

Marvel Travertine is the new collection of floor and wall tiles that expands the application potential of this natural material, all thanks to the technical and aesthetic advantages of porcelain stoneware.

Learn About Marvel Travertine
Boost Mix

Boost Mix is a collection of porcelain floor and wall tiles inspired by Ceppo di Gré, the stone that recalls 20th-century Milanese architecture. With its rigorous elegance and unmistakable personality given by the characteristic pebbled appearance , Boost Mix decorates rooms with a modern, natural stone look.

Learn About Boost Mix

Wood-effect porcelain tiles convey the appeal of the colors and nuances of Italian oak. Entice is the collection designed to embellish and add a sense of elegance and hospitality to all spaces thanks to its natural look, earthy sensation, and distinct variety of colors.

Learn About Entice
Boost Stone

The Boost Stone collection is made up of porcelain floor and wall tiles conceived to offer the world of design a modern stone effect. It is inspired by the limestone rocks extracted from the quarries of the Pyrenees. This collection is styled for spaces with a strong contemporary accent and is available in a range of 10 neutral tones.

Learn About Boost Stone

The Aplomb collection is made up of white-body wall tiles. It is a collection designed to clad environments with a modern, contemporary elegance. It offers a strong yet discreet personality, creating pleasant atmospheres with its relaxed, calming tones.

Learn About Aplomb
Boost World

The collections that make up Boost World are united by a simple, contemporary style.  While each maintains its own specific identity, they all share neutral tones and a substantial natural elegance that allows them to coexist harmoniously in the same environments with tone-on-tone combinations.

Learn About Boost World
Marvel Shine

Marvel Shine is an exciting new expansion from our ever-popular Marvel range. It is inspired by four precious Italian white marbles. The original marbles are unique in their purity, color, and brightness.

Learn About Marvel Shine

This collection includes a wide offering of neutral tones as well as bold colors. Prism gives you the style and color possibilities that resin offers but it also adds the benefits of porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Learn About Prism
Venti Boost

Encaustic cement tiles were made with a bottom layer of cement and a top layer of marble powder, white cement, and colored pigments. They immediately became very popular among designers. Venti Boost is an updated version of 20x20 encaustic tiles combined with our existing Boost collection.

Learn About Venti Boost

Norde draws its inspiration from quartzites, which are stones composed mainly of quartz, along with small quantities of other minerals, that create nuanced color changes. The stone-effect porcelain tiles of this collection stand out for their strong realism, detailed graphics, and rich colors.

Learn About Norde
3D Wall Carve

3D Wall Carve is a new type of ceramic reliefa range of surfaces with soft colors characterized by refined and minimalistic micro textures. We will see that they are inspired by artistic surface processing of natural stone.

Learn About 3D Wall Carve
Boost Pro

Learn about Boost Pro, one of the new spring collections launched for Atlas Concorde. In the presentation, you’ll see the full range and gain insight into the research and inspiration for each product.

Learn About Boost Pro

Learn about Lims, one of the new spring collections launched for Atlas Concorde. In the presentation, you’ll see the full range and gain insight into the research and inspiration for each product.

Learn About Lims
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