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Displays and Racks
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  • 96-board Wing Rack

    Your Atlas Concorde USA sample boards will stand out in your showroom with the 96-board Wing Rack. Standing at nearly 7’ tall, this unit is easy to see from across the showroom. Our most comprehensive display tool, the Wing Rack allows you to show field tiles and mosaics in one unit, making it easier for customers to visualize Atlas Concorde USA in their project.

    (W 90’’ x D 29’’ x H 85’’ , W 112’’ fully open)

  • 64-board Wing Rack

    This 64-boards Wing Rack allows you to show field tiles and mosaics in one unit, making it easier for customers to visualize Atlas Concorde USA in their project.

    (W 59 x D 23 x H 82 , W 79 fully open)

  • 48-board Wing Rack

    This 48-boards Wing Rack allows you to show field tiles and mosaics in one unit, making it easier for customers to visualize Atlas Concorde USA in their project.

    (W 60 x D 24 x H 84 , W 80 fully open)

  • Mood Spinner

    Give your customers full view of the MOOD compilation with the MOOD Spinner Display. This six-sided, free-standing, 6-3/4’ tall display provides a wonderful opportunity to show how different tones, textures, and designs all work together to deliver a unique space. Plus, each mosaic display is grouted with same and different color options to give customers a better representation of the actual installation.

    (W 38.5’’ x D 38.5’’ x H 81’’)

  • Totem Rack

    Want to present a full Atlas Concorde USA display but need a little smaller footprint? The Retail Totem Rack is your best option. With space to hold a combination of 12x24’s and 24x48’s or decorative panels, you can feature new products, top sellers, or your favorite looks in this freestanding display.

    (W 23.6’’ x D 19.7’’ x H 83.9’’)

  • Floor displays
  • Cullas

    Showcase your Atlas Concorde USA loose samples with the modular, 5-slat Culla. Built to handle all sizes with stickers and mosaics, these cullas are easily installed in different configurations, providing you a flexible display option.

    (W 43.3’’ x D 19.7’’ x H 2.4’’)

  • Cullas and Shelves

    Get your samples at eye level while taking advantage of wall space with Atlas Concorde USA Retail Shelves. Shipped as a pair, these shelves will help complete your sample corner area and provide a canvas to show off the extensive Atlas Concorde USA options.

    (W 43.3’’ x D 3.1’’ x H 2.4’’; each SKU contains 2 shelves and recommended for 12” x 24” or 24” x 48”)

  • Retail Table

    Compliment your display area by giving customers an area to compare different samples at once. The lower shelf provides extra space to hold sample boards, catalogs or other supplies.

    (W 47.2’’ x D 27.6’’ x H 35.4’’)

  • Pavers Chip Kit

    The kit includes 12 different chips.All chips are 8”x8” and 20mm.

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Product Samples
  • Sample Boards

    The best product sample ever. Atlas Concorde USA sample boards, the largest tiled area in the market, effectively display field tiles and mosaics, combining every collection’s different patterns and sizes. Full range illustration with large images on the back.

    (25 5/8’’ x 31 1/2’’)

  • Sample Boards back view
  • Visual Boards

    Highlight the newest introductions and programs within your wing rack with the Atlas Concorde USA Visual Boards. Great to help fill in empty spots or promote popular products, the boards are available to order individually based on collection and style.

    (25 5/8” x 31 1/2”)

  • Sampling Boxes

    Atlas Concorde USA Sampling Boxes are ready to stock or restock your display units. Each box contains one piece (12x24 or 8x40 depending on the collection) for each color with Colored Visual Sticker, and a mix of the different collections’ mosaics.

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